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Informations de base sur le modèle

  • Fabricant:
  • Modèle:
    Power Bore 112-15
  • Taille de plate-forme:
    100,001 - 200,000 lbs pullback

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Pullback 112,000 Pounds
Weight 38,200 Pounds
Width 7.87 Feet
Engine 220 HP Caterpillar 3116 DITA Turbo Charged Diesel
Length 42 Feet
Height 9.84 Feet

Information additionnelle

Inter-Tractor Caterpillar Type 312 Excavator steel tracks.

Drill Rack Push Pull mechanism:
1 - 8 inch Hydraulic Cylinder

Rated Push:
40,000 pounds (56,000 Optional)

Box Type w/ Teflon V Slides & Mud Gutter.

Entry Angle:
11 to 30+ degrees

Top Drive Rotary:
MS 50 Poclain 0 to 110 RPM @ 15,000 ft/lbs
(Optional) to 90 RPM @ 26,000ft/lb
Displacement 0 to 100gpm @ 0 to 6,000 psi.

Mud Swivel:
6,000 PSI Rated working pressure 10" OAL.1 .900 ID 2" NPT Hose connection

Wire Line Rotary Sub:
Installed with connection at Drillers Console

Drill Pipe:
Rig is equipped for upto 5" Flush Joint Drill Pipe
With API Modified Connections

Make/Break Unit:
Clincher 5 1/2" 30,000ft/lb MU 35,000ft/lb
Wrap Around Jaw assembly.

Carriage Travel:
18 foot stroke.

Carriage Speed:
98 feet per minute No load.
40 feet per minute full load.

Engine Instrumentation:
Standard gage panel. Oil Press, Water Temp, Engine RPM,
Hour Meter with Auto Shut Down.
Super Quite Muffler. Super Silence Package standard equipment.

Noise Emissions:
The equipment is fitted as standard with a Super
Quite Muffler with an engine silencing Package
Rated 72 dba at 4 feet

Hydraulic Pumps:
2 – Rexroth 100 G.P.M. piggy-backed.

Hydraulic Coolers:
Off Line 200 G.P.M. 140 deg. F.

Hydraulic Capacity:
200 gallon tank with filter only fill port.

Filter Capacity:
2 - 10 micron primary 2 quart each
2 - 20 micron secondary 2 quart each

Fuel Tank:
90 Gallon DOT approved

Safety Equipment:
Danger and warning signs posted where appropriate posted signing,
belt and moving machinery guards. Handrails & floor grating where applicable.

Operator Control:
Umbilical Stand with two 6 function Joy Sticks
Each joy stick controls:- Front M/B Jaw in/out
Rear M/B Jaw in/out - Jaw Rock CW/CC – MU/BO
-PUSH/PULL - Drill Rotate CW/CC - Drill Rotate Break

Control Features:
Feather control for thread free damage during
Make Up & Break Out operations
Umbilical design allows Drillers control to be
Placed either side of the rig.
Precise settings of all parameters Push/Pull
Rotate Torque & Make Up Torque.

Gage Panel:
WIRTH Control Panel with Analog Gage
Pull pounds/kilos - Push pounds/kilos
Drill Rotate ft/lb - Nwt/Mt - Rotary RPM
Make Up / Break Out ft/lb - Nwt/Mt

Pump Pressure Gage:
O to 3,000 PSI Type D fluid Filled
Mounted on rig mud line visible to driller

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