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Information additionnelle

Overall Width: 8'6"
Track Width: 2'0"
Carriage Ground Clearance: 2'0"
Boom Width: 1'0"
Boom Width Between Tracks: 3'0" maximum
Conveyor Height: 6'6"
Machine Height / Boom Straight: 9'8"
Track Length: 13'
Overall Length: 36'11"
Boom to Ground Height: 7'8"
Boom in Ground Depth: 12' maximum
Boom in Ground Angle: 60 degrees

Approximate Weight: 85,000 Lbs

Engine: Caterpillar Model 3406B DITA Diesel, rated 402 HP @ 2,100 RPM with adequate cooling capacity for 120 deg. ambient temperature operation and two-stage air cleaner system

Crawlers: CAT D-5 type with 24" triple grouser shoes. Long frame for good stability.

Crawler Drive: Infinitely variable, hydrostatic mechanical with three ranges for speeds from 0 to 1.5 mph

Steering: Independent hydrostatic, for each track.

Fuel Tanks: Dual Tanks, 184 gallon total.

Hydraulic Reservoir: 220 gallon capacity.

Operator's Cab: Optional. Fully enclosed with all machine controls within easy reach of operator. With Heater. Air Conditioning is optional.

Digging Assembly Drive: Fully hydrostatic, driving both sides of headshaft through gear reduction boxes. Headshaft drive chains are enclosed and oil bath lubricated.

Digging Chain: Caterpillar-type D6 track chain.

Tail Wheel: 42" Diameter with extra rugged seals and bearings.

Wear Plates: Replaceable, abrasive resistant weldable plate strips.

Depth Options: 6', 8', 10' and 12' maximum.

Width Options: 12" and 18" with single chain.
24", 30", and 36" with double chain.

Conveyor: 24" wide, reversible, with speed variable from 0 to 800 fpm. End sections fold up for transport.

Conveyor Shift: Hydraulically drive rack and pinion type with automatically engaged anti-drift brake.

Boom Hoist: Double acting, dual hydraulic cylinders which provide adequate tailwheel clearance.

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