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Drill Stem 6'
Width 35.5" 90 cm
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 13 gal 49 L
Max Spindle Speed 120 RPM
Max Pressure 500 psi 34 bar
Pipe Diameter 1.66" 4.2 cm
Make and Model Kubota D-1505
Max Speed 3200 RPM
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating 37.5 28 kw
Pump Pressure 500psi
Length 144" 366 cm
Weight 23 lbs 10 kg
Fuel Type Diesel
Thrust 7800 lbs 3538 kg
Min Bore Diameter 2" 5 cm
Length 6' 1.8 m
Weight 4850 lbs 2200 kg
Height 66" 188 cm
Pump Output 9gpm
Engine 37.5hp Kubota
Min Bend Radius 95.5' 29.1 m
Fuel Tank Capacity 8 gal 30 L
Torque 1100ft-lb 1489 Nm
Rod Carrying Capacity 198' 60.4 m
Pullback 7800 lbs 3538 kg
Type Firestick
Max Flow 9 GPM 34 LPM
Fluid Tank 55 gal (optional) 208 L (optional)

Additional Info

Feature: Thrust Cylinder
Benefit: The thrust cylinder provides more efficient thrust and pull back power versus hydraulic powered motors and sprocket driven chains used for thrust.

Feature: Open Top Vise
Benefit: No wrenches are needed to couple and uncouple the drill stem. The open top vise is controlled/operated from the operator's station.

Feature: 55-Gallon On-Board Water Tank
Benefit: The on-board tank provides clean water supply for easy clean up and can also supply drilling fluid for smaller jobs.

Feature: FIRESTICK Drill Stem
Benefit: Available in two different drill stem options, Firestick Drill stem offers flexibility to match individual contractors' needs. They are constructed with a premium blend of alloy steel, provide excellent strength and flexibility, and have memory characteristics to better withstand bending and rotational torque forces encountered during the drilling process. Feature precision-machined threads that are designed specifically to help withstand the rigors of directional boring.

Feature: Dual Thrust/Rotation Controls
Benefit: The operator has complete and precise control over each function.

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