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Automatic Best Frequency Selection - Chooses the lowest frequency that provides reliable Receiver response in a typical 500 ft. locate.

Poor Conductor Alert - Warns the user that no frequency will produce a reliable Receiver response.

Automatic Impedance Matching - Automatically matches the Transmitter to the line impedance to provide maximum output in all situations.

3 Watt Output - High power output for low frequencies and long distance locating.

Simultaneous Frequency Output - Transmits several frequencies simultaneously to provide locate confirmation and selection flexibility.

Output Level Indicator - Provides information on actual signal transmitted on the conductor.

Loop Resistance Measurement - Provides information to confirm improvement in ground connection and identification of problem locate situations.

Optional Rechargeable Batteries - Provides money saving power supply for the full time professional user.

Safety Flag - Reduces repair costs from collision damage by increasing Transmitter

Low Battery Alert Transmitted to Receiver - Alerts the user on the Receiver display that the Transmitter has only approximately 20 minutes of power remaining.

Improper Selection Alert - Warns the user that an improper Transmitter mode has been selected.

Inductive Antenna - Provides locating capability where utility access is not available.

Multiple Power Levels - Provides maximum flexibility for all locating jobs from high congestion to long distance tracing.

Distance Sensitive Left/Right Guidance - Provides visual and audible direction and distance information to guide you to the conductor.

Peak Mode – Provides a curtain display of the signal strength to locate the cable by maximum signal strength instead of Left/Right Guidance. This mode is useful in special applications and provides additional capability to the user.

Current Measurement - Doesn’t vary with depth, assists in positive line identification, and helps identify T’s and laterals, large faults and holidays.

Battery Level Display - Continuously displays remaining battery life and provides flashing low power alert.

Push Button Depth - Provides depth measurement in feet and inches (or in cm) in both active and passive modes.

Real-Time Continuous Gain Adjustment - Automatic gain continuously optimizes the sensitivity of the Receiver in a fully automatic way and eliminates the need for any user adjustment.

Manual Gain Control - Provides higher sensitivity in particularly tough locate situations. Dedicated gain up/down buttons provide maximum efficiency.

Simultaneous Peak and Null Display - Provides information on peak signal and centerline simultaneously.

Battery Saving Automatic Power Down - After five minutes of no activity, the Receiver shuts down to save battery life. Imminent shutdown is indicated by a warble tone. To prevent shutdown, push any button while the tone is warbling.

Depth Measurement to 20 Feet (6 m) - Depth measurement range is up to 20 feet (6 m) to provide information for deep locates.

RS232 Serial Communication Port - Provides data transfer capability for calibration and service.

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