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    Flextrak 75

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Width 69"
Length 228"
Height 107"
Weight 8700 lbs

Additional Info

Weight: 8700 lbs / 3946 kg
Length: 228" / 580 cm
Height: 107" / 273 cm
Transport width: 69" / 175 cm
Engine: John Deere 3179T Turbo Diesel
Cylinders: 3
Power: 79 L/S
Capacity of fuel tank: 121 L
Quantity machine- ch with the complete tank: 8
Cooling system: Liquid
Electric system, B: 12
Undercarriage: Hydrostat.
Running speed: 4 km/h

Digger drive: Hydrostat.
Plow displacement: 112 cm
Depth of digging, see.: 61-91
Max Plow Depth - 36"
Max Trenching Depth - 60"

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