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2015 Wyo-Ben Thunderstorm I

Mud Recycling System! 1,690 hours.

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General Description:
2015 Wyo-Ben Thunderstorm 1 Mud Recycling System.

Additional Information:
Seller States: 1690 hours.


-The Thunderstorm 1 is a mixing and cleaning drilling fluid system with (3) 5 inch cones.
-The system is designed for ease of mobility and small footprint.
-It has a 4 panel double shaker that deposits cuttings at the rear of the unit for ease of collection and occupying a smaller space.


-10 HP Electric Motor for 3ea 5" cones (new style 100 GPM cones).
-10 HP Electric Motor for Mud Mixing and to rig, new version venturi requires 4 oilfield type screens on double linear motion shakers with rear discharge of cuttings.
-Up to 150 GPM/300 GPM Vertical Rigs, cleaning depending on viscosity and soil conditions.
-(2) 3X4 MCM Style mechanical seal pumps.
-Mixing Hopper and bag table integrated on top of clean tank.
-(1) 40 ft/16.6 meter, 3" mud hose with female camlocks.
-3 Inch cam lock to go to rig with 4 inch adapter for vertical drilling.

-Width: 7.5 ft/2.25 meters
-Length: 14 ft/4.2 meters
-Weight: Approximately 7,500 lbs/3,409 Kg
-Height: Approximately 7.5 ft tall/2.25 Meters

-Air Bags, no springs.
-Sloped bottom of tanks to 2 in pipe plugs for easy of emptying.
-Pre-Wired for pick up/trash pump.
-10-Gauge side panels.
-NEMA 4 Electric Box.
-1500 Gallon Split Tank/5,700 liter capacity.
-Legal on virtually any trailer/truck chassis.
-44 Gallon/167 liter fuel tank.

-3 Inch outlet
-8 Inch OD Impeller
-Maximum depth of liquids in pit, 2 ft/ 0.61 Meters
-Height of top/eye of pump to ground level 5 ft/ 1.52 Meters
-Up to 250 GPM/567 LPM
-Weight 300 lbs/ 136 kg

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